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We are the key connection between an extensive car dealership network, government agencies, importers & exporters and car manufacturers. RedTulipTrade will facilitate the import and export of cars across borders that are subject to customs restrictions and inspection and will prepare the necessary documents according to the strict guidelines to ensure there are no restraints. Many times, the process involved in the export and import of high end cars can be very tedious, time consuming, and very risky. By leveraging the assistance of RedTulipTrade, you can minimize risk and be confident that everything is in order.


As mentioned above, the import and export process is comprehensive and can get frustrating for a person or business without the necessary expertise. This is where RedTulipTrade comes in and ensures that car shipments move impeccably across borders and reach their destination on time, sticking to customs laws and regulations of course. We will also rectify any problems encountered.


  • We will provide you a pickup service to transport your shipment to the designated exporting destination.
  • We will ensure that duties and taxes are only paid where applicable.
  • We will make certain all your shipments are cleared through customs.
  • We will work to ensure your shipment arrives at its destination efficiently, without any delays.

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